Die Dietzel, Dokumentation und Erinnerung
I often work with documenting the immediate environment around the home and the domestic space and objects. This process often gets intertwined with memories and how the body both mentally and physically pushes between both documentation and memory.
The drawing is made from a dried thistle that I found in a corner of our shed this past Winter. A memory and an object of Summer on the small Danish island Samsø, where I live.
The thistle is also the jumping off point for a 5 year long project on Samsø called The Thistle Corridor. Together with a group of other islanders, we are planting a thistle “border” (300 m long and 5 m wide) as defense against a bridge and motorway that the Danish government wants to build over our tiny island.

‘a casual corridor’
WirWir, Neukölln, Berlin